Active Voice Passive Voice Full Guide With 35 Examples

Here is a full guide about active voice passive voice. Full chart of active and passive voice examples.

In this article, you will learn active voice passive voice with examples. You can also find 35 active voice passive voice sentences that help you a lot. So let we start with a basic guide.

active voice passive voice with 35 sentences

What is Active Voice Passive Voice

In English sentences, there are two types of grammatical voice called Active voice Passive voice. The active voice focuses on the subject, who performed the action, whereas the passive voice focuses on the object, who received it. You can use either the active voice or the passive voice in your writing, depending on what you want to emphasize.

Active Voice

An active voice defines as the subject of the sentence performing the action. For example, I am eating breakfast. In this sentence, I is the subject and am eating is the verb.

Passive Voice

A passive voice defines as the subject being acted upon by the verb. For example, The lamp was knocked over by Tim. In this sentence, lamp is the subject, was knocked over is the verb, and by Tim is the object.

I hope you got the idea about active voice and passive voice. So a deep understanding you must check this table of active and passive voice examples.


Active Voice Passive Voice
She Likes apples Apples are liked by her
The boy is climbing the wall The wall is being climbed by the boy
We did not hear a sound A sound was not heard by us
They have bought a horse A horse has been bought by them
The board had given me a gold medal I Have been given a gold medal by the board
He praised the boy for his courage The boy was praised for his courage by him
The teacher was helping the students The student were being helped by the teacher
They have not done their job Their job has not been done by them
A car ran over and old man An old man was run over by a car
He will give you a box of chocolates You will be given a box of chocolates by him
He had told me to do it I had been told to do it by him
They had not done their home task Their home task had not been done by them
We shall have finished our work by march next Our work will have been finished by march next by us
He took away my books My books were taken away by him
The sudden noise frightened the child The child was frightened by the sudden noise
We use milk for making cheese Milk is used for making cheese by us
Why is he mending the chair Why is the chair being mended by him
The doctor asked her to stay in bed She was asked to stay to bed by the doctor
They caught the thief The thief was caught by them
Khurshid helps Noushaba Noushaba is helped by Khurshid
The driver opens the door of the car The door of the car is opened by the driver
The boys make the picture The picture is made by the boys
The mother loves her children The children are loved by the mother
They are buying this house This house is being bought by them
He will write the letter A letter will be written by him
She has not batteen the dog The dog has not been batten by her
She bought five video films Five video films were bought by her
She gives me five films I am given five films by her
She gave me five films I was given five films by her
She gave me five book Five books are given to me to her
Buy this book Let the books be bought
She was teaching the students The student were being taught by her
They had gained the nothing Nothing had been gained by them
We will have killed the snake The snake will have been killed by us
Open the door Let the door be opened
Ring the bell Let the bell be rung
Post this letter Let this letter be posted

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You learn about Active voice and Passive voice in this article and what is the difference between them? Also, you will get an active and passive voice table for learning. If you find this article helpful share this with your friends and teachers.
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