Top 4 Tips for Writing An Essay With a Complete Guide

Here you can find the solution to how to write an essay with a complete guide. 4 useful tips that work in essay writing.

Writing an essay is not a child's play. Time and again one complains about the lack of ideas for a particular topic. There is no royal road to give the lead. But in this article, you will learn how to writing an essay with a complete step-by-step guide. To me, the following rules are like the hub on which the wheel turns:

Reading, Observation, Thinking, and Practice.

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        Reading gives one material. Reading means being no bookworm but living in a world ever fresh, ever young, ever new. To read Hamlet or Kubla Khan means witnessing a play or seeing a dream. The company of books is the happiest pastime of our life. While reading a great and good author we are laid asleep in body and become living souls but one must make a healthy selection, in reading.

To write an essay you must do 1st step which is reading. Reading will give you a lot of words that help you in writing an essay. When you read other books, essays, newspapers, or anything you know the idea of how another person writes this. 


        But reading alone won't do. One who reads must observe. A careless, unobservant, fishy-eyed individual can hardly be able to write well on any subject. There are people who walk about with their eyes shut. Take the former: he is blind to the natural beauties. The poet, on the other hand, finds a deep appeal in them. Keats is thrilled by the song of the Nightingale. Wordsworth's heart leaps up with wondrous joy when he beholds a rainbow in the sky. That is observation.


        Writing an essay requires thorough reflection and a thought-taking habit o mind. One may lead the horse to water but twenty can not make it drink; likewise the teacher, too, cannot make a student "to think". This is just a matter of personal experience unknown to a student. The habit of thinking can be cultivated and then developed. To think well is to do well. One must think about literature because literature is the expression of the thinking soul.


        Practice makes a man perfect. So is the case with essay-writing. Try, try again. There is a pleasure of conquest which makes the work a labor of love.

Buffon carefully wrote an article. After revising it several times, had no self-approbation for publication. He shoved it in a drawer of his table. He took it out when he reached his fortieth year: read it, corrected it, and then had the pluck to publish it.

Thomas Gray, too, went, through his famous Elegy over three hundred times and that is a lesson.

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I hope you got the idea of how to write a perfect essay with 4 core things (Reading, Observation, Thinking, and Practice). All these 4 things are very important. Just apply these 4 things and see the result. I hope you like this Essay writing article. 
Thanks for Reading!

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