11 Class Notes Physics for FBISE & Punjab Boards by SadaNotes

Here you can download 11 class notes physics for all Punjab boards and FBISE boards. These notes for 11 class physics include all chapters of the 11th

Download 11 class notes Physics for totally free on sadanotes. These notes are organized and you can download the full book notes for 11 class physics or either chapter-wise notes with MCQs. These notes help you to get great marks in the 10th class exams. These notes 11 class physics are prepared by talented and top teachers.

You can download the full book 11 class notes of physics below:

11 Class Notes Physics Chapter-Wise

Here you can download 1st year physics notes chapter-wise:

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Measurements English Medium
2 Vectors and Equilibrium English Medium
3 Motion and Force English Medium
4 Work and Energy English Medium
5 Circular motion English Medium
6 Fluid Dynamics English Medium
7 Oscillations English Medium
8 Waves English Medium
9 Physical Optics English Medium
10 Optical Instrument English Medium
11 Heat and Thermodynamics English Medium

Notes for 11 Class Physics Chapter Wise Short and Long Questions with MCQs

Notes for Class 11 Physics Chapter 1

Chapter Name: Measurements

MCQs Chapter 1:117 Questions

Chapter-2 Class 11 Physics Notes

Chapter Name: Vectors and Equilibrium

MCQs Chapter 2:141 Questions

Chapter-3 Class 11 Physics Notes

Chapter Name: Motion and Force

MCQs Chapter 3:115 Questions

Chapter-4 11 Class Notes Physics

Chapter Name: Work and Energy

MCQs Chapter 4:111 Questions

Chapter-5 Notes for 11 class Physics

Chapter Name: Circular motion

MCQs Chapter 5:127 Questions

Chapter-6 Notes for 11 class Physics

Chapter Name: Fluid Dynamics

MCQs Chapter 6:96 Questions

Chapter-7 Notes 11 Class Physics

Chapter Name: Oscillations

MCQs Chapter 7:130 Questions

Chapter-8 Notes 11 Class Physics

Chapter Name: Waves

MCQs Chapter 8:121 Questions

Chapter-9 11 Class Notes of Physics

Chapter Name: Physical Optics

MCQs Chapter 9:110 Questions

Chapter-10 11 Class Notes of Physics

Chapter Name: Optical Instrument

MCQs Chapter 10:124 Questions

Chapter-11 11th Class Physics Notes

Chapter Name: Heat and Thermodynamics

MCQs Chapter 11:151 Questions

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