Introduction to ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science)

Complete guide about Intermediate in computer science ICS. Introduction to ICS, Subjects for ICS Students, Scope of ICS, Career for ICS pass students.

After matric, students have many different options to go with ICS, FSC Pre-Engineering, FSC Pre-Medical, etc. But those students who are interested in computers must go with ICS.

Introduction to ICS

ICS stands for (Intermediate in Computer Science). The core subject of ICS is Computer Science. You can also get admission to ICS if you study in matric with Biology or Computer science.

What Are The Subjects In ICS

Compulsory subjects:  English, Urdu, Islamiyat/Pak-study

Elective subjects Combination:  If you are not well in Physics, or any other subjects you can choose from these 3 elective subject combinations.

  • Computer Science, Math, Physics
  • Computer Science, Math, Statistics (General Science Category)
  • Computer Science, Math, Economics (General Science Category)

What are the subject-wise marks for ICS? (1st Year+2nd Year)

  1. English                         200 Marks
  2. Urdu                             200 Marks
  3. Computer Science     200 Marks
  4. Math                             200 Marks
  5. Physics                         200 Marks
  6. Statistics                      200 Marks
  7. Economics                   200 Marks
  8. Islamiyat/Pak-study   100 Marks

Fields After Intermediate in Computer Science

You are eligible to get admission after ICS in the following vast fields:
  • BS Physics
  • BS Computational Physics
  • BS Math
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Computer system Engineering
  • Robotics, Embedded systems, and control engineering
  • BS Artificial Intelligence
  • BS IT
  • BS CS
  • BS SE
  • BS Hardware Engineering
  • BS Computer Engineering
  • BS Telecommunication
  • Electronics Engineering
  • BS Nano Technology
  • BS Space science

Jobs After Computer Science

After you study Computer science means after graduation you can able to get a job in Sofware Houses, Hospital, Educational Institute, Film Industry, etc.


I hope you got why ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science) is Important and what are the core subjects. If you find this article is helpful share it with your classmates.

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