Notes for Class 11 English - Solved Class 11 English Notes

Download notes for class 11 English for Punjab boards and FBISE boards. Class 11 English notes include solved Questions, Answers, and MCQs.

Here you will download notes for class 11 English fully free. These class 11 English notes are very helpful and you can download the full book 11 class notes English or either chapter-wise notes with MCQs. These notes help you to get succeed in 11th class English exams. These English notes for class 11 are prepared by very talented and top English teachers. So prepare with this 11th class notes English and share them with your friends and teachers.

You can download the full book English notes class 11 PDF below:

Notes for Class 11 English Chapter-Wise

Here you can download class 11 English notes chapter-wise:

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Button Button English Medium
2 Clearing in the Sky English Medium
3 Dark They were,and Golden-Eyed English Medium
4 Thank you,Mam English Medium
5 The Piece of String English Medium
6 The Reward English Medium
7 The Use of Force English Medium
8 The Gulistan of Sadi English Medium
9 The Foolish Quack English Medium
10 A Mild Attack of Locusts English Medium
11 I Have a Dream English Medium
12 The Gift of the Magi English Medium
13 God be Praised English Medium
14 Overcoat English Medium
15 The Angle and the Author-and Others English Medium
16 Heat Lightning English Medium
17 Visit to a Small Planet English Medium
18 The Oyster and the Pearl English Medium
19 The Rain English Medium
20 Night Mail English Medium
21 Loveliest of Trees the Cherry Now English Medium
22 O Where are u Going? English Medium
23 In the Street of the Fruit Stalls English Medium
24 A Sindhi Woman English Medium
25 Times English Medium
26 Ozymandias English Medium
27 The Feed English Medium
28 The Hollow Men English Medium
29 Leisure English Medium
30 Rubaiyat English Medium
31 A Tale of Two Cities English Medium
32 My Neighbour Friend Breathing His Last English Medium
33 He Came To Know Himself English Medium
34 Gods Attributes English Medium
35 The Delight Song English Medium
36 Love an Essence of all Religions English Medium
37 A Man of Words and Not of Deeds English Medium
38 In Broken Images English Medium


I hope you loved these notes for class 11 English. These notes are very helpful for students who are studying in 1st year. Share this class 11 English notes with your friends and if you have a quesion piz contact us. I suggest you study with guess papers, past papers, and books. All these resources are available at sadanotes.

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